Митні органи, що уповноважені оформлювати карнети АТА та години їх роботи:

Duty offices at the Chek Lap Kok Airport, Container Terminal Division, Harbour and River Trade Division, and boundary entry points.

Official hours
- Chek Lap Kok Airport: 24 hours (around the clock), daily
- Container Terminal Division: Monday - Friday, 08.00-22.30 hours Saturday, 08.30-17.00 hours
- Harbour and River Trade Division: 24 hours (around the clock), daily?

 Boundary Entry Points
        Lokmachau Division -24 hours (around the clock), daily
        Mankamto Division -07.00-22.00 hours, daily
        Shataukok Division -07.00-20.00 hours, daily
        Lowu Division -06.30-24.00 hours, daily
        Through Train Unit-06.30-23.45 hours, daily
        China Ferry Unit -06.00-24.00 hours, daily
        ?Hong Kong Macau Ferry Division: 24 hours (around the clock), daily
        Shenzhen Bay Cargo Division - 06.30-24.00 hours, daily
        Shenzhen Bay Passenger Division - 06.30-24.00 hours, daily
        Spur Line Division - 06.30-22.30 hours, daily
        Tuen Mun - Macau Ferry Unit - 07.00-22.30 hours, daily.